Sunday, 15 September 2013

ClouD BackUP Service

What's the best way to keep your data safe from disaster? 


Unlimited for US$59.99 (around £39/AU$67) per year

Most online backup tools are cut down, extremely basic, the core essentials and nothing else. CrashPlan takes a different approach, though - it's easily the most powerful tool in this set.

There's support for both compressing and encrypting your backups, for instance. You get an enormous amount of control over when your backups will run, how much resources and network bandwidth they'll take, and how long file versions and deleted files will be kept (anything up to forever). The program can even send you backup alerts via email or Twitter.

All this can be set up with clients for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. These support quick and easy restoration, too, although you can also access your backed up files via a web interface, or mobile clients for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.

And although CrashPlan is hoping you'll pay for online backup space, this isn't strictly necessary. The program can also store your data on local drives, or a friend's computer - and you can do this with a free CrashPlan Home account.

The service is missing some of the bonus features you get elsewhere. There's no synchronisation, for instance, and no file sharing or streaming of your remote files. For online backup, though, CrashPlan is hard to beat: fast, powerful, yet very easy to use, it's one of the best home user backup services around.

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