Saturday, 19 October 2013


Apple ‘most discussed company‘ on Twitter

By: nisha chaturvedi
 Apple is reportedly the 'most discussed company' on microblogging site Twitter, statistics have revealed.

According to the chart created by Statista, Apple's cashtag '$AAPL' was mentioned more than 83,000 times in August this year.


Microsoft Windows 8.1: Pluses and minuses

By: Santan kukreja
 I doubt I was alone in rolling my eyes when I first used Windows 8 a year ago. I found its touch controls and gestures awkward, and I was troubled by how little its primary, tile-based interface could do on its own.

For many basic tasks, I had to return to the system's traditional desktop mode, the one that resembles older versions of Windows. It felt as though I was working on two different computers at once.

GooGle :

Google ‘leaks’ Nexus 5 pricing, details

 By: Sharad Chakraborthy
 Google's upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone has been in the news for quite some time, with reports of its pricing and specs leaking frequently. Now it seems Google has accidentally confirmed the pricing and some details of the device on its Play Store.

APPLE iPhone

Has iPhone 5C proved Steve Jobs right?

By: Rampaul singh
 Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who emphasized high-end consumer gadgets over cheaper ones, may have been right all along. Last month, chief executive officer Tim Cook introduced the colorful iPhone 5C, a less-expensive version of Apple's smartphone, to "serve even more customers" around the world. It turns out people so far are more interested in its pricier, feature rich cousin, the 5S. 

YOGA : Inner Strength

Now, software that helps blind do yoga

By: Ravi Kukreja
A team of computer scientists have developed a software program that watches a user's movements and gives spoken feedback on what to change to accurately complete a yoga pose. 


Micromax names Hugh Jackman as brand ambassador

By: rajiya sunaina
Hollywood superstar Hugh Jackman has been chosen over a Bollywood star as the brand ambassador of Indian mobile handset brand Micromax. He says he is a "huge lover" of India.

"I am extremely thrilled and honoured to be part of the Micromax family. I am a huge lover of India as it is one of the most exciting countries in the world and we also share our love for cricket," Jackman said in a statement.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Samsung’s curved phone

high on hype, low on value

Posted By: sarmistha sinha
On Wednesday, Samsung unveiled Galaxy Round, a phone with a curved screen. The company is calling it world's first phone with a curved screen, which sounds impressive. But the Korean firm neither provided details on how the curved screen would meaningfully help users nor explained what its customers in future can expect from phones that are not flat.

The reality is that even though the concept of curved screens sounds impressive, it is not likely to alter the user experience for smartphone users in any significant way.

Study :

Big Data new favourite in decision making

Posted By: anilnil diwan
Even as adoption of Big Data technology is on the rise to make better business decisions, companies are also concerned about lack of skilled workforce to keep pace with the rate of IT innovation, a study by IT firm EMC said.

According to the study, 91% respondents from India said decisions in their organization would be improved by better use of data. Another 35% said their organizations have achieved a competitive edge through the use of Big Data tools. However, 82% respondents said ensuring that skills keep pace with the rate of IT innovation will be a challenge for their organizations over the next three years, it added.


First look:  Galaxy Note 10.1

Posted By: samantha Dsouza
Remember when people used personal computers - desktops and laptops - to check email, view video and keep tabs on Facebook? Back in that far-away era, I'd have several windows open for Web browsers, a word processor, a photo editor and sometimes a reader for PDF documents.

I miss that capability on mobile devices, particularly on full-size tablets with a decent amount of display space. With iPads and Android tablets, I'm typically limited to one window displayed at a time; other apps run in the background, out of sight. With Windows 8 tablets, I can run two windows side by side, but I'm constrained in what I can do with them. It gets better with the Windows 8.1 update due out next week, but it's still not the free-for-all I had with PCs.

Mega Launch

Google to launch Chromebooks in India on Oct 17

Posted By: saxena rajat
Over two years after introducing them in the US, Google on Thursday announced that Chromebooks would be available in India from October 17. Chromebooks are light and portable laptops that are powered by Google's Chrome OS instead of Microsoft Windows. 

Google said that initially HP and Acer would start selling their Chromebooks in the Indian market but in future more manufacturers like Samsung and Asus might join the fray. 

The company said that from October 17 consumers would be able to buy Acer C720 or HP Chromebook 14. The Acer C720 is priced at Rs 22,999. The HP Chromebook 14 would cost Rs 26,990. 

Tech News

CA Technologies launches free IT resources monitoring tool

Posted By: samantha Dsouza
 IT management firm CA Technologies launched a free version of 'CA Nimsoft Monitor', which helps companies monitor their IT resources and servers, for small businesses in the country. 

The new version, CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap, supports monitoring for up to 30 devices. The premium version CA Nimsoft Monitor allows users to monitor any number of devices. 

The Nasdaq-listed company said the new solution is a fully-integrated single solution for monitoring of network resources, physical and virtual servers, and databases. 

HTC + Lenovo tie up

HTC may be acquired by Lenovo: Report

Posted By: rihan khan

HTC may be next among the telecom handset vendors in line for a big-ticket acquisition. If reports are to be believed, Taiwanese maker HTC is already in talks with Chinese manufacturer Lenovo either for an outright sale, or a manufacturing tie-up.