Monday, 30 June 2014

AMD and Nvidia

Like the old days: Why AMD and Nvidia are fighting?

By Yannick LeJacq

AMD and Nvidia are at it again. The two reigning champs in the market for video game graphics have been fighting since late last month when some performance issues on the PC version of Watch Dogs kicked up a fresh controversy. And given that AMD is still talking about the issue publicly, it doesn't look like things are going to settle down anytime soon.
Are you one of the people perplexed by all the sound and fury emanating from PC gaming forums? Don't worry: I am, too. To help us all get up to speed, I prepared a handy guide to the main talking points here.


Review by: Steven Walton

Considering the breakneck one-upsmanship we saw among early SSD makers, record-setting iterations have been slower to arrive over the last two years with 2012's Samsung SSD 840 Pro series maintaining relevance among a laundry list of competing options after price cuts brought it from $1.05 per gigabyte to $0.74 a gig.

That works out to $190 for the 256GB 840 Pro, which is fair but puts the aging enthusiast series in an awkward position just beyond today's finest budget options, including Samsung's own 840 Evo ($0.57 per gig for 250GB) and the $0.43/GB Crucial MX100, which is beside the point that not everyone wants a cut-down drive.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Apple : icloud

Find Icloud help for all issues of your Icloud account and get them resolved fast

Icloud technical support is given by the official Apple expert team for technical assistance. If you want to contact the team of Apple, you can do that by seeking out the contact details about Icloud on the Apple contact us page. The information for different apple helpline numbers is given there and any user can use it as per geographical viability.

If there is a functioning or a storage related problem then you can use the Email support option. You can write to the team of Apple regarding your problem and get technical troubleshooting service right away. If your Icloud problem is about a login error or regarding the security of your account then seeking voice support service for Icloud password recovery will also help you.

For any other assistance on Icloud password recovery, you can seek support service easily via the third party technical help for Icloud.


Icloud Toll Free Number Dial :-1-855-550-2552


What makes icloud technical support use worthy?

Apple doesn’t give the option for convenient onsite help so you can’t expect service through in person medium but this gap is easily bridged by the quick and affordable and also highly convenient service of third parties which makes onsite help an easy luxury to afford for all.

The service is affordable and available for most service locations so you can check with the third parties and if your location is too far off for them then remote help option is always there.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mirthy morning to all


Lovely morning has surrounded you with Blossom of fresh Air and Sun Rays is giving you,new lights in ur life..

Get up and catch the glimpses of a lovely morning....⛅️🌴