Sunday, 15 September 2013

Acronis : Cloud backup service

Acronis True Image Online

250GB for £39.95/US$49.99/AU$59.95 per year

Best known for its desktop backup software, Acronis is now trying to make an impact in the cloud storage world, and its True Image Online is certainly a good place to start.

A solid feature set includes 250GB of storage, unlimited versioning, easy synchronisation and file sharing. You can use up to five PCs with the service, and all of this is accessible from PC client software, the web or mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

This is far more configurable than the bulk of the competition, too. You can set a precise network connection speed limit, for instance (no vague sliders here). You're also able to define how many previous versions of a file will be kept, and for how long. And the most versatile scheduler here means you can run backups daily, on particular days of the week, on one specific day each month, when your system starts, shuts down, and more.

All this power does make for a bulkier package, of course. If you're looking for simplicity above all else then the program's many tabs, links and options may seem intimidating, and it certainly takes a while to explore and learn.

If you'd like to configure every aspect of your backup, though, Acronis True Image Online is sure to appeal - and the scheduler will win many converts all on its own.