Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cloud catch

  • 5 reasons why Google can catch Amazon in the cloud

    2 days ago
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) commands more than 80% of the cloud computing market. Google, a relatively new player in the segment, is far lagging behind. The internet search giant, however, could catch up with Amazon in future. Even it has the potential to be on top of the market.Below are the five reasons why Google can catch up to AWS:1. The market is young and prone to change. The cloud market is still small but it will explode in the coming years. Enterprises and SMEs are still making themselves comfortable with cloud computing.2. Google has the name and deep pockets. Google is a name that enterprises well recognises, while at the time, Amazon is seen as a online book seller. New users may give Google a try, just because of the brand value. Google can win over businesses, if it puts effort and money in promoting cloud services.3. Google needs to attack pricing. Google executives have said cloud pricing should follow Moore's Law-like pattern - falling by a factor of two every year. Google seems to be pushing that strategy forward. The day after Google's pricing announcement, AWS followed with what was its 42nd price reduction since inception.4. Google may is making big capital investments. Google, to make sure it has enough capacity to meet client's needs, is making huge capital investments to build the same.5. Google's future strategy hinges on the cloud. The search giant has put cloud at the core of its future strategy. This is to ensure that the engineering company remains key Internet player in future. Picture courtesy-