Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Online Image trimmer

How to clean up your pictures
Have you ever had a time when you took a picture of a new gizmo or something you recently bought, to show your friends? And found that the picture had so much clutter in the background that the subject itself got buried? Now, if you want to clear all the clutter, you can always resort to Adobe Photoshop or its ilk, on your computer, and spend a couple of hours cleaning up the image. Or you can work magic with a bunch of clicks, for free.
Here is how.
v  Upload an image by dragging it to the browser, or by using the ‘select file’ option

v  Use red tool to select the area/s that you want removed, and the green tool to keep the area you want to keep

v  Made the error in the marking? Use the eraser to erase red & green area. You can also change the brush size, and in about 3 to 10 brush strokes you will get a clean image.

v  If you are satisfied with how the finshed image looks, click the download button
Voila! Just a few moves with the mouse, and you are ready to go