Friday, 1 August 2014

This Is How Big Businesses Use Logos To Emotionally Connect With The Consumers

It is a well-known fact that colours effects ones way of seeing things and decision making. Big companies around the world know the truth behind the science and use different coloured logos to effect consumer decisions. An Infographic released by Ruby Media Corp and Finances Online shows how different logos, its design and its colour effects how one looks at the company.

These do effect the customers buying pattern and makes them feel comfortable with a brand. When a person is just at the tender age of 3, he/she starts to recognising logos and when they turn 7 or 8 they know exactly which brand or product a logo is associated with.

But designing the right logo is not easy and it certainly costs a lot. Brands spend a lot on the new logo designs and millions of dollars exchange hands before the users get to see the final markings. This is a very interesting and detailed infographic on the science of logos. Have a look....